Thursday, February 19, 2009

We're having a...Cho Cho?!?!?!

Everything is going well in baby making land! I had a doctor's appointment on Tuesday. My appointment was with the same doctor that delivered Jonah (the practice I'm in is huge-9 different doctors!) so I took Jonah with me to the appointment. He wasn't thrilled to be at the doctor's office at first- I think he thought we were there for him, but he calmed down and did really well. He got to sit up on the table with me and the doctor took his hand and showed him where the baby is at right now. Then we got to listen to the baby's heartbeat which Jonah thought was pretty funny. It sounded like a train and that night when Steven asked Jonah if the baby had said anything Jonah said "Choo-Choo"! We laughed so hard! He's going to be so disappointed when it's not a train that comes out in July!!! But my blood pressure was perfect and I gained another 4 pounds (yea!) so we got the all clear until next month. I have been having daily headaches so he gave me some migraine medicine that I can take when I need to so hopefully that will help because I am sick to death of these headaches! Well, that's about all to report right now, except that we got a new car which I'll post picutres of when I take some and the car isn't covered in snow! (Yes, we got more snow today! UGH!!!!)

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MeganandNathan said...

I love how you said things are going well in "baby making land." I am happy to hear things are going well in that department.
So, are you totally excited for our impending visit?? I am planning on calling you soon to set up something! I cannot wait!!