Wednesday, January 7, 2009

On An Eeyore Kind of Day

Today is the kind of day that would have made Eeyore happy. It's grey and it's cold, and the sky keeps spitting stuff that goes from snow to sleet and back to snow again. What a great day to stay in doors. We cleaned Brianna's room this morning (dusted, windows, etc.) and then after lunch and Jonah was down for his nap Bri and I had some craft time. My mom got Bri a great craft book for St. Nick and I've been meaning forever to do something with her and just haven't. Until today. We thought with the weather outside what a great day to make a snowman. So we went upstairs to my scrapbook stuff and picked out white paper, patterened paper, buttons, brads, markers and set to work. Bri is a craftly little thing. She loves to cut and glue and color. Of course there were things I had to do for her, like using the circle cutter to make the snowman's body, but she did the gluing and drawing all herself. She was so proud of her little snowman (acutally, it's a girl she pointed out to me, and insisted on drawing her some eyelashes, because only girls have eyelashes!!!) and of course, I had to get some pictures! So here's my big 4 year old (YIKES!!!) enjoying her craft time with mommy!

Isnt' it cute! I think it turned out adorable! And she did such a good job! Tomorrow she wants to make Christmas trees (yes, it's a little late for that, but since we haven't taken any Christmas stuff down yet I figure it can't do any harm!) I think a tradition of mommy and me craft time has begun! Thanks mom for getting such a great book!

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