Sunday, September 7, 2008

Family Day at Sawyer Point and Johnny Rockets

Yesterday was a perfectly gorgeous day! The weekend started off rocky with Friday being a wash out and mommy being sick all day (I even had to leave school after only 2 hours and go home! Boo!) but Saturday dawned sunny and just the right temp! After Steven cut grass and mom and I went to get haircuts we decided to take the kids and do something fun. We were headed to the zoo when we realized that they close at 5 pm (how stupid is that!!!!) so at the last minute we decided to take them to Sawyer Point. Sawyer Point is a great park that is built along the river. We used to go there all the time when we were kids and thought we'd go check it out. They had a great newer playground (that is fully handicap accessible!!) and they were hosting a Salsa festival. There was great music and lots of performers and it was a lot of fun. We walked across the bridge to Newport for dinner at Johnny Rockets and then walked back over to the park for a little bit longer. The kids had a blast and it was great to get out and enjoy time with each other! Here are some of our favorite pictures!


Jeannie said...

I love your family Kari! You guys have so much fun!

MeganandNathan said...

I was just telling Nathan about Sawyer Point the other day!! Man, I miss Cincinnati! Your posts are making me homesick. I had to show Nathan how beautiful your kids are. Nice work!!
Hey, if you put the memories post on your blog...I will totally leave a funny memory!

Stacey said...