Sunday, July 6, 2008

House Pictures

Okay, so a week later I am getting around to posting pictures of the new house. I took these about a week ago, but not much has changed....except that we now have several holes in our ceiling due to a pipe leak to complete the burn marks on the walls, and the missing vinyl flooring in the kitchen! When it rains it pours. But one thing that I've learned very quickly, just because it's a new house, doesn't mean it won't have its fair share of problems! So here's some pics of the house. These are just of the outside. I hope to be able to take a video soon so that I can give you all a video tour of the house, but I need to get it in some kind of order first!!!

The same night I took some pics of Bri and Jonah playing in the sprinklers. They laid our sod the Wednesday that we moved in. That has been a full time job, keeping it watered twice a day. Each spot has to be watered for an hour at a time, so we estimated we were watering about 8 hours a day. Why? Because we only had one outside water spiket! So, Steven and his dad ran us two more. Now the watering gets done in half the time, but I still don't want to see our first water bill. The kids, however, are loving it! Even as I write this they are outside in the sprinklers and playing in buckets of water! Oh to be a kid again!

Well, I guess that's enough for one day. Got to start making dinner! We're taking advantage of the fact that the rain has broken for a few days and grilling out! Yummy!


Playful Professional said...

House is beautiful :)

MeganandNathan said...

I can't believe you are in your new house AND that you have had so much drama!! I am glad that your house is still there and everyone is safe. I guess you will have some funny memories of your new house!!
Also, it sounded like you had fun with Nate and Carrie Tipton. I wish I was there to help!!