Monday, October 18, 2010

Happy 7th Anniversary!

 Well this was one of the most memorable anniversaries I can say we ever had.  To our surprise our children along with the help of some very special people in our lives made us a special dinner in our own home!  It was so cute and we can't believe the kids kept this a secret from us.  So when Steven came home from work he was informed that we were banned from the dinning room and the basement.  


Brianna came up to inform us that we needed to get ready - the attire had to be Hawaiian.  This of course was where we went on our honeymoon.  So we went and got dressed and ready for our dinner.  So finally they unveiled the dinning room and to our surprise this is what we saw!
The table was set for two.  There were seven candles to represent how many years that God has blessed our marriage.  They had pictures from our wedding, our scrapbook from our honey moon, and some wedding pictures of the day we became husband and wife!  

After Jonah and Brianna brought our salad up with rolls we asked our little hostess to take our picture.  Brianna stood back and snapped the photo!
Then came the food - the chef's really out did themselves.  This was better than any meal you would get at a restaurant and the service what can you say was amazing.

Then of course the tradition to have our favorite dessert from Hawaii which was Pineapple Delight!
This had to be one of the hottest days in Hawaii and while at the Polynesian Cultural Center they came out with the desserts that were FREE!  Can you believe it - well it only cost us $5 for the spoon and we could share so of course we bought a spoon for $5.  To top that it was plastic - but boy was this the best dessert ever.  Pineapple, peaches and fruit topped with Sherbet!  YUM!
Pineapple Delight
Now as we looked through our Honeymoon scrapbook we decided to take our individual shots.  We did this then so why not keep up the tradition as well.

I Wanna Love U Forever - SHMILY

Thank you mom for making this evening in paradise.  We are so grateful for all you do and we are so blessed to have so much support in our lives!


In Light of the Truth... said...

That looks pretty amazing!! Congrats on your 7 years!

The Fischer Family said...

Thanks Sarah!